Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grace GMQ-Pro Quilting Frame

In 2007, for my 50th Birthday, my sweet husband bought me a Juki TL 98 and Grace GMQ-Pro quilt frame as a package. Very soon after it's arrival, we moved, unexpectedly. The Juki I was able to use and get to know; the quilt frame sat unassembled until now.

I finally assembled it, loaded it with fabric and took it for a test drive. All I can say is, WoW! Mind you, I haven't quilted in 8 years; this set up made it so easy and with the included Quilters Cruise Control, I was ecstatic over the results!

To practice quilting on the frame, I cut two pieces of Kona Cotton and batting and just started quilting.

It's been a long 8 years since my last quilt. I'm truly excited to get back to it and no longer have to dread quilting the quilt. My neck and shoulders would suffer greatly trying to move large quilts around my sewing machine. Standing and moving the machine around the quilt is so much easier and relaxing.


Karen said...

I'd be so interested in your thoughts on now this works with large size quilts. Is it possible to do them with this sewing machine size arm? This is the exact set-up I am considering.

Vickie said...

Hi Karen! I'm sorry for the delayed response! The largest quilt I have quilted on this set up is a 50 x 50. You do start to lose the size of your quilting area as you advance the quilt onto the take up roller. By the time I was at the end of the above mentioned quilt, I had about 4 inches of quilting space (from about 6" in the beginning). I will be doing a king size quilt in the next few months and I'll be posting about it at that time. Other than that, I love the Juki; I wish they would do a longer arm as in 18" would be awesome! Best to you!