Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally! The Quilt is Done!

Boy oh boy, I had problems with thread since my last post!

In the past, I always used a dual purpose thread to piece and quilt with; at times, I would use a cotton thread but of a cheaper variety. I had on hand some Coats and Clark 100% quilting thread and began quilting. Not going to happen! My Juki TL 98 Q did not like this thread at all! The tension was way off and I kept breaking the thread. I tried, multiple times, to dial in the tension to no avail.

I did a search at Quilting Board and discovered threads that were foreign to me. I found a great quilt store close to me and they carry Aurifil and Mettler. I used the Mettler to quilt and I will use the Aurifil to piece the next quilt. Both are 50/2 in weight and ply. After ripping out all the stitches and the mess of lint that the Coats and Clark made, I started quilting. What a difference a better quality thread will make!

I took care of all of the loose threads and washed it this morning. I'm very happy with it; I may have over quilted a bit, but, it turned out good! I used 5 of 8 blocks to make it smaller; it measures 50 X 50.

Before washing:

After washing -


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Jackie said...

Your quilt came out nice! I've used Aurifil for a while and really like it. I've even used it for quilting and it's done really well.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Oh, I feel you! My machine does not like Coats and Clark but I *can* get away with using it for general sewing (def. no quilting). It's just too linty for me, though and I've pretty much stopped using it completely. Gutterman is liked by my machine. I just bought some Mettler to try on my next project.

Your quilt is lovely. Quite pretty.

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Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I really appreciate it!