Monday, March 8, 2010

My Granddaughters Are Here!

Wednesday morning at 11:45 Morgan LaRay arrived, 7-1, 19.25"; 11:53 Riley Anne arrived, 5-13, 18.25"! Riley was delivered breech. Little thing was doing the splits! She checked out just fine! What a day!

The girls came home on Friday and have been doing really good! They are so gorgeous and so much fun! I won't be able to post pictures until I get home. I'll see if I can figure out how to do it from my phone.

I made a mad dash to Northern CA from Southern CA Tuesday night as Daveen's blood pressure started doing crazy things and they wanted to induce labor. She was at 36 weeks and would have rather waited to 37 weeks. Morgan had a minor issue with her breathing but she caught on. Riley was having a hard time keeping her body temperature regulated. They kept momma and both girls for 48 hours and everyone came home in good shape.

It's been known for a while that Morgan has some issues with her kidneys. She went in this morning for an ultra sound and we're waiting to hear from the doctor. Morgan also has a heart murmur.

I feel so blessed and am so excited to be a grandma again! My 3.5 year old grandson is missing grandma and grandma missed him. It sure is hard when your kids live in two different places. We'll manage.

I forgot to mention, I was able to devote a couple of days to my grandsons quilt. I finished piecing the top to the final border and had to clean up and get to the airport for the babies birth. I showed it to him and he laid on the floor and wanted me to cover him with it. Too cute! He said, "It's awesome". I love being a grandma! :)

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