Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

One more addition to the garden!

Here are the purchases from the So. California Quilt Run - you'll notice I went a little blue crazy!

I was drawn to blues!

A few patterns:

I worked on this little mini quilt this weekend - 

Which is out of this little book of 6 mini quilt patterns and used one of these mini bundles - 

The quilt run was a lot of fun!  I visited 7 out of 39 stores.  I planned on visiting more; dealing with traffic in So. California is not a lot of fun.  :)  Next year, we will plan it differently and visit quite a few more.

I enjoy visiting everyone's blog and seeing all the beautiful flowers, as well as, all of your other projects!

Have a great day!



Raewyn said...

Another cute flower Vickie, and great purchases too.'Only' visiting 7 patchwork shops sounds like paradise to me!!

Marion B. said...

Oh, such a lovely flower again. And your purchases, wow.

Fiesta said...

Lovely flowers and great fabric selections. I love your mini quilt Vickie!!!

Saskia said...

Nice flowers! I like that everyone has there own taste of colors. That makes it more personal. And would feel like a girl in a candy store to visit 7 quiltshops!!


Beautiful flowers and visiting 7 quiltshops............must be heaven on earth ;-))
I like tour little quilt and the great fabric.


Anonymous said...

One more beauty to add to your garden - yeah!

Mascha said...

Very nice flower.

Sue said...

Wonderful goodies!!

Love your flower! Always enjoy seeing your good work.

None for me this week as I've just been too busy. The heat here in our parts is killing me! Aack!!

Blessings :)

Marieke ( said...

Beautiful new flower: love the fabric! And beautiful mini quilt as well!

Crafty Robyn said...

Great work.

Karen said...

Your flower this week is a real beauty! Love all your quilt run goodies and the mini is wonderful!

Ivory Spring said...


Cute flower! And your purchases are yummy!

Thank you for entering my giveaway - I enjoyed reading your perspective on why you quilt.

Happy Quilting.