Friday, July 23, 2010

Well Darn!

I spent some time today stitching together strips for the "Bricks and Stick's" mini quilt.  Luckily, I didn't do too many; I completed enough for two blocks only to discover that the measurements are off in the pattern.  I need to do some simple math to figure out exactly how wide the "sticks" should be.  These little strips will come in handy for a piano key border.

The International Quilt Show is in Long Beach this weekend!!  This will be my first quilt show and I sure am looking forward to it!  I'm dragging my husband along...he's a good sport and he told me tonight he was looking forward to it! ;)

We had a great visit with our twin granddaughters last weekend.  I was away from internet connection and didn't take any stitching along which is why I didn't have a completed flower for One Flower Wednesday.  It was a nice get-away and great to see the girls; my how they have grown!



Have a great weekend!!!



Sue said...

Oh my, those are some real cutie-pies!! What squishy cheeks they have :D...I am a cheek person :)

Your quilt show sounds wonderful! I take my hubby along too and he is a great sport also. Whenever we take road trips, I always take my Quilter's Travel Companion along and we stop at whatever quilt shop is on the way!! One of these days I'm going to get him to quilt with me.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Raewyn said...

How frustrating to have the wrong measurements in a pattern!! Just as well you didn't get too far. I hope you enjoyed the quilt show - we have one this weekend too, and is my first as well. Cute photos of your grand daughters!!