Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Work Stitch Sampler..... finished! 

This was a lot of fun to work up.  The first major mistake I made, I didn't get the pattern centered on my background fabric and had to cut it smaller than I wanted to.  I'm not sure if I will add borders, batting and backing or perhaps a frame.  We'll see.

I have discovered that I don't like using Pearl Cotton #8.  I like how stitches lay smoother and flatter with floss.  I used a couple different needles; I like a #9 Embroidery/Red Work needle over a #4 Crewel needle.  I also like to use a #10 straw needle; with the pearl cotton, it's a little hard to thread.  :)

This sampler gave me the opportunity to practice couching, chevron stitch, herringbone stitch, fly stitch, and attached fly stitch.  All the other stitches I was familiar with.

Next up is a Bareroots pattern I purchased last year called "#99 Camping Quilt and Pillow".  There are 13 stitched blocks that I will enlarge to make the overall quilt larger.  I found a local needlepoint store in my area that carries a nice variety of threads.  I purchased a combination of Weeks and Simply Shaker threads.  I'm anxious to get started on it!  This quilt will be for my grandson who has just about outgrown the quilt I made him last year.  This one will last him a while!

Until next time,  Happy Spring!



Sue said...

Vickie, that's a really love stitchery. I love redwork though I haven't done any yet:)

Teresa said...

I love the redwork stitchery sampler. Can you tell me the name of the pattern, I might like to try to make that one too.