Saturday, April 2, 2011

Camping Quilt Progress

I have three of thirteen blocks completed on the Camping Quilt for my grandson.

The frenchknot "stars" are partially thread and the rest I used Tsukineko inks.  I didn't want to carry thread all over the back to do frenchknots.  Since this will be for a child and will be washed a lot, I didn't think the stitching would hold up.  I also didn't want to take a chance of color shadows showing through.

These are alot of fun to stitch up and I look forward to putting it all together.

My dad and uncle are taking a road trip and will be here tomorrow.  They will be trekking to Oregon and stopping along the way to see grandkids.  He's excited and made the comment that he's going to see country he never thought he would see again (he's from Oregon).  I'm excited for him and look forward to seeing him.




Sue said...

Those are the sweetest blocks. I just love how they turned out. Does your grandson like to camp? That's probably a dumb question now that I think about it! HA!

I am so glad that your dad is going to take a road trip. I am sure that will be good for him and glad he is going back to where he grew up:)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Julie Fukuda said...

My mom made quilts for each of my kids for their second birthday. Every one was embroidered squares alternated with colored fabric. After 40 or more years and lots of use the embroidery is still holding up. I had to replace much of the quilting as she used cheap thread which just disintegrated.