Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Two more finished blocks for the camping quilt:

I left off the branches on the mountain block.  I think I'll add it since it looks pretty plain.  I need to add something to the 'snow caps' since it's so light you can hardly see it.  Looks strange....Any suggestions are welcome!

The carpets were cleaned yesterday, still a bit damp this morning.  I'll be able to start moving things around this afternoon!  At long last, I'll be organized!  I started cleaning things out over the weekend.  A large bag of trash and a box for donation.

I received the pattern pack for Life is Beautiful quilt.  This will be so much fun to stitch up and the quilt blocks are different from anything I have done before.  I'm thinking about making the top and attach a backing and using it on the shower.  I have to measure to see if it will be big enough.

My first issue of Homespun magazine arrived the other day.  I want to do the 'My Town' SAL...I know, I know, so many project on the "I want" to do list.  I'm getting ahead of myself!  :)

Have a great Wednesday!


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Julie Fukuda said...

How about a pale blue to outline the snow. It loolk like you are getting things done. I always feel better when everything is neat and organized.