Thursday, November 10, 2011

Decision Time!

Oh my, I pieced the blocks together for my grandson's camping quilt.  Unfortunately, I didn't give the finished size much thought.  I knew the center of the quilt would measure 35 x 35; with a 2 inch inner border and 6 inch outer border, this quilt will measure 43 x 43.  Well, that is much too small for a 5 1/2 year old boy!!!

Now I need to make some decisions --

The blocks measure 7 inches, finished.  My first thought was to take it all apart and add 2 inch sashing.  That increases the size by 12 inches.  Or, should I add an inner border and then a pieced large border?  I like the simplicity and the look with the stitched blocks and the plaid flannel blocks.  I'm almost afraid if I add sashing strips, it will look too busy?  Oh, what to do!!!

I would love to hear opinions and advice.  Lesson learned, if one is going to deviate from the written pattern, have a plan worked out!!!  :)  Saturday I will be shopping for fabric to finish this up.  I originally bought the flannel plaid for the backing.  I like it so much, I wanted to use it on the front, instead of the batiks I had originally planned on.

Thanks in advance,



Sue said...

Hi Vickie,

I wouldn't take it apart to add the sashing. I would add maybe a two or three inch finished inner border with another outer border maybe measuring four or five inches finished.

I really like the look of the blocks without the sashing. This is a very sweet quilt :)

Sue said...

Or looking at it again...could you add another row of blocks?

I'm probably not much help at all! LOL

Kelli said...

I like the simple look of the blocks without sashing too. Plus taking it all apart would be so much work. How about just some borders? I did this with a baby size quilt pattern that I made for my son, and then just ended up adding strips and squares until it was big enough for a twin bed. Maybe some other dark greens and browns for borders? hmm.. I love what you've done so far!

Teresa said...

I am with the others, don't unsew it - looks so good as is. I was thinking you could add a small inner border then maybe add a border of the check fabric and some other fabric in the same size as the blocks now, then a final outer border.