Thursday, November 3, 2011

Summer Breeze....

is finished!!!

Sorry for the lousy picture!

I am so happy to have this finally done.  I will wash it tomorrow and it will be shipped out on Monday.  This quilt top went together very easily and fast.  I machine quilted on my Juki; I only stitched in the ditch around the sashing and only went vertical through the blocks and the border.  It is a big quilt and proved to be a challenge.

I had problems with the binding --

too short!
This has never happened to me!  I couldn't believe I was short by a few inches.  I found some yellow fabric, close to the same color, in my stash and lengthened it.  Luckily it's the binding and isn't too noticeable that the color is off a bit.  Then, I had problems with the final join.  Twice I was too long and once too short; had to cut more off yellow binding to lengthen it again.  After the fourth try, I decided to join it by laying one end inside the other for a straight join.  There's a little bulk but it's finished!  I bought The Binding Too from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and received it the other day.  I hope I never have problems with a binding again.

I also received Carolyn Forster's "Quilting on the Go" book today.  I came across it on Amazon and sounded interesting.  She has 15 quilt projects and great step by step instructions on assembling the blocks after they are quilted.  Since I'm quilting on my sewing machine without the frame, I wanted to try this technique.  This would also be a great way to start hand quilting; small bits at a time.

So, my first complete quilt for 2011 is done.  Next up is assembling and finishing the Camping Quilt for my grandson.  Must get it done before Christmas!

I'm already behind on my BOM, too!  I'm looking forward to 2012; this has been an interesting year.

All the best,



Sue said...

It's beautiful, Vickie! This is really a sweet quilt.

We all have some 'quirks' with our quilts! I wouldn't worry about the binding at all and I am sure the slight difference in color will not even be a factor.

Just lovely!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It's lovely!! I love your color choices. =)

Raewyn said...

Lovely quilt Vickie - gorgeous colours - you'll probably be the only one to notice the binding hitch.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have made some pieced binding when I knew there was not enough th make it around but usually I end up with too much. Very pretty finish.