Sunday, January 22, 2012

Camping Quilt!

I just placed the last stitch in the Camping Quilt!!!  I can't believe I actually started this project last March!  The inner border is from my stash.  I loved how the dark blue complimented the plaid and stitched blocks.  It has small flowers in it and thought twice about using it in a little boys quilt.  They are not frilly flowers and I'll tell him they are woodland flowers if he ever notices.  So far, he hasn't said anything about it.  ;)  

I didn't hand quilt the two borders...I really needed to get this finished so I did simple straight machine stitching in the borders.  Perhaps this summer I can get it back and do the borders.  I'm really happy with the end result.

I can tick this one off of my January goals list.  I have a friend who brought me a Christmas stocking to replicate and make another one.  That will be done this week and then on to my other long awaited projects!

My husband and I went to the Road to California quilt show yesterday.  He saw a pattern for an Argyle quilt and we bought the kit.  The fabrics are hand dyed and are beautiful.  He told me tonight it doesn't have to be done right away.  I will have that one finished by next fall.  I'm exited to make it for him.  He is so supportive and gets excited over my finished projects, lol.


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Sue said...

Vickie, that turned out just wonderful! I'll bet you are very glad to have this done! I know your grandson must love it so!

That Road to California quilt show sounds like it must have been wonderful!