Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy, Busy

And, I'm tired!

I spent four days with my twin 3 year old granddaughters while their mommy is recovering from elective surgery.  I'll tell ya, it's tough looking after two lively little girls!  I enjoyed myself and will need a couple of days to recuperate!

I was able to work on a couple of stitchery projects while I was there when I had the time and I wasn't ready to fall into bed.

The top one is from Chickadee Hollow Designs.  It's pre-colored and all I have to do is add the stitching and embellishments.  I bought this one and the Winter one in March from a quilt store in Sacramento.  The bottom photo is another pattern from Bird Brain Designs "Home Sweet Home".  It's wrinkled as I carried on the plane with me yesterday to work on but was so tired I ended up taking a nap!

I am currently in another ornament of the month club with Shabby Fabrics and have completed the first two ornaments.  These are also from Chickadee Hollow Designs.

Instead of putting names in the cuff, I'm stitching Christmas words; hard to see but the first one says Noel and the second one, Joy.  There are six and the third one will be arriving this week.

Other than the above, I haven't done much sewing.  I seem to be on a stitchery kick.

Happy Spring,


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